is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Montreal. Her work explores familial memory, shifting landscapes, and poetry as a daily practice.

Her writing has appeared in publications such as the White Wall Review, Guttural Magazine, and HEREYOUARE

She is currently working on a poetry chapbook through the Diaspora Dialogues Long Form Mentorship and her first film through the Unsung Voices Video Workshop.


  • Unsung Voices Video Production Workshop: Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (2022)
  • National Long Form Mentorship: Diaspora Dialogues (2022) 
  • Youth Critics Initiative: The Asian Canadian Living Archive (2021)
  • Sing That Like Dovesong BIPOC Writing Workshop: Winter Tangerine (2018)
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature: Toronto Metropolitan University (2017)


  • New Generation Artists Grant: Ontario Arts Council (2022) 
  • CUE Project Grant: CUE Art Projects (2021)
  • Creative Writing Award: Toronto Metropolitan University (2017)

other credits:

  • Film Programming Committee: Toronto Food Film Fest (2022)
  • Untitled Writing Circle Organizer (2022)

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